Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Swim, Swim, Swim...


Like I mentioned on my Facebook account, by no means are we performing Chinese water torture on our child. My bestfriend can vouch for us that Dakota is adamant about going underwater on her own. So much so, that we have to limit our time in the water because it's exhausting just trying to hold onto her. The swim lessons have definitely paid off because they have certainly given her a lot more confidence in the water. However, I think we were hoping they would calm her just a tad, lol. These next few are of Dakota lunging into the water from the deck. I still can't believe she smiles under water...

Photobucket PhotobucketPhotobucket Photobucket

Anyway, when we were at my friend's pool, Dakota even dove off the diving board once. Ok, it wasn't really a dive, but she definitely lunged, and that's pretty good considering it's about a 2 foot drop into the water. I wasn't really comfortable letting her do it again, since it was pretty hard treading water while trying to catch her. I'll try to get it on video the next time we're over there and Kevin's with us. Here are a few more of the two of us. It brings me so much happiness that she loves the water so much!!


Thanks for taking these next few, Liz.
They came out so clear unlike the blurry ones I took!

Mommy's a goober!!


Summer said...

I just love water babies!! C and H both loved the water from the first minute! It just makes for such a great summer. Dakota Dean is such a cutie!!

Nichole said...

I am still amazed by her love for water. I love that she smiles... she should be the sales pitch baby for the brand 'No Fear'!