Friday, April 24, 2009


I know it hasn't been that long since I gave an update on Dakota, but it's a good excuse to post some more pictures. Hehe!

One of Dakota's infectious smiles!

Anyway, here are some new things she does:

-Gives high fives

-Roars like a dinosaur. This one is hysterical to see!

-Makes kissing noises

-Waves at the UPS truck everyday it drives by. She must be partial to them because she just glares at the Fedex truck. Haha!

-Tries to sweep the floor. She would grab at the broom when I swept, so we bought her a mini-broom and she loves pushing it all around the floor. Is it too early to assign chores?!

-Can stab food with a fork and will attempt to put the food in her mouth. What
a mess!

-Brings us her shoes so we can put them on her. She tries to do it herself, but that usually ends with a super frustrated and grumpy kid.

-She also gets super excited when she sees us grab her shoes because she knows we're going outside. Kind of like dog and it's connection with a leash and going for a walk. Haha. Yes, I had to go there with the comparison.

And, not that this is something new she has learned, but the girl is obsessed with firetrucks, ambulances, and tractors. We ran into 7-Eleven the other day for some refreshments and as we were walking out, she started pointing and squealing at the tractors across the street. Of course, we walked over there and watched them demo a gas station for about 10 minutes. She would wave everytime it passed by. It was so cute, but I have to admit a little embarrassing at the same time. I felt like a huge dork, but then again it's not about me, it's about Dakota and how much she enjoys the littlest things in life!!

So the other day, Dakota and I were laying on the floor reading books, rolling around being silly and just being total goofballs. Of course, my camera was nearby, and so I took some pictures to capture some of those silly moments:

Dakota being a ham:

"Hey, mommy! Do I have any boogies in my nose??"

Using mommy as a jungle gym:


Dakota's subtle cue that she's DONE with the pictures: