Saturday, May 30, 2009

Growing Girl...

Dakota is an eager learner and has picked up on a lot of new things since the last update. Here are some new things that she has recently started to do...

  • Can point to her toes, nose, ears, eyes, belly and head when asked.

  • Raises her hand to tell us she wants more of something.

  • Knows how to sign thank you.

  • Scrunches her face when we tell her to show us her silly face.

  • Brings us toys that we ask her to get, and will put things away when asked.

  • If we tell her we're going outside, she'll run to grab her shoes first. And yes, she still tries to put them on herself.

  • If we tell her to open her mouth, she will. We do this because she refuses to swallow food sometimes.

  • Still loves to help mommy shut drawers and cabinet doors in the kitchen.

  • Can walk backwards.

  • Says "Me" when she sees herself in the mirror.

  • Eats with a fork. She's a bit messier with the spoon. Haha!

  • Shakes her head no when she's had enough to eat.

  • Makes a decent attempt at brushing her own teeth.

  • Can step in and out of clothes, or will give us a limb to assist with dressing.

  • Says "vroom vroom" to passing cars.

  • She'll reply with "bye" when someone says "see ya later" or "adios."

  • and, she can climb down the stairs now. She's been climbing up since she was about 10 months old.
    • So, there you have it. That's what my busy little bee has been up to lately.


      The Bradshaw's said...

      She is one smart cookie! I'm impressed with what all she can do. You and Kev are doing a great job!! :-)