Sunday, June 7, 2009

Catching up...

I missed posting last weeks recap, since I was so busy getting ready for our "girls trip" to Las Vegas. And no, this post won't have any pictures or details of our little Vegas Vacation, but I promise, that will be soon to follow!

As for last week, we enjoyed some family time at the annual Summerfest in Brea. Grandma K even joined us and took the munchkin for a ride on her all-time favorite....the carousel!!

Then it was off to the Spongebob bounce house. She didn't do a whole lot of bouncing this time, but she certainly enjoyed the other kids (not pictured) bouncing her around.

Other than Summerfest, we didn't do a whole heck of a lot. I did give my little girl a She loved gettin' her piggies painted with pretty nail polish, and stayed surprisingly still while I did them. The best thing of all, she learned where her toes are!!



I know I mentioned in a prior post that Dakota has fallen in love with books, but the girl gives a new meaning to obsessed. I recently bought her the book, My Big Truck Book, which is about 1/2 her size, and she actually muscled the thing all the way from the living room to the kitchen. She huffed and puffed the entire way just so I could read it to her. Of course, I was in the middle of making lunch, but I couldn't just brush her off and ignore all that effort. So we sat down right there in the kitchen and flipped through it. My reward, a nose in the air to the PB&J I slaved over. Pppfff!!! Anyway, here is daddy and Baby D enjoying some story time...

I don't think I've ever mentioned this before, but Dakota LOVES sushi. Now, we don't give her the raw fish (yet), but true sushi lovers know that there's definitely more on the menu than just that. She, of course, loves the classic California Roll, as well as the baked Salmon Roll, Crunchy Roll and baked Eel Roll. Lucky for Dakota, I got a hankering for it today. Boy, she started shakin' in her seat when she saw that California Roll hit the dinner table. All the while, Kevin's sitting as far away from us as possible with a disgusted look on his face. Ha!

Lastly, we have signed Dakota up for watersafe swim classes through the month of June.

We'll most likely extend her lessons through summer, but we wanted to see how she progressed before committing ourselves and forking over some major $$$. After just two lessons she has learned to completely hold her breath while under water, jump in or towards someone that is in the water, relax while back floating, and reach for someone or something (side of pool) when she's not being held up in the water. The ultimate goal is for her to back float by herself (no assitance or hand underneathe her back), flip to her stomach to kick and reach for any "safe" object, or flip onto her back again and repeat until someone rescues her or she finds her way to a stationary object. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of videos of her progress just yet because Dakota screams bloody murder if I'm anywhere in sight. LOL. I do, however, have a good video of Dakota showing off some of her skills in Grandpa's pool and spa. I'll be sure to post it when I do the Vegas update!

Here's a video of Dakota showing us where her belly, head, ears, and toes are located...


The Bradshaw's said...

I swear I am blown away daily at how intelligent your lil Dakota is! You are doing a great job! Knowing all those body parts --wow! Any tips. Austin doesn't know 1 and believe me, I've tried and tried :(
Love the pics. Her face in the last picture of thebounce house --- LOVE IT!!

kathykim said...

I love these pics! Especially the one she's smiling. Miss you guys!