Friday, May 8, 2009

Teaching Patience...

Patience is a virtue!
Dakota learns patience & balance

I remember being asked one time, "What is one thing you hope to teach your child in all of life's lessons?" Of course I thought to myself, "Well geez, there are SO many things I will want to teach my daughter, how can I pick just one?" I know what that person meant though. It didn't take much more than a passing thought to realize how important patience is in this world today; that the most important life lesson Dakota could ever embrace is that single trait. I firmly believe that patience is the gateway to so many other important virtues and character traits, that I hope Dakota will one day collect and embody as her very own! Patience is a virtue, and with patience, comes...
  • the coping skills for lifes greatest challenges
  • hardwork and persistence
  • tolerating delay of gratification
  • self-control and managing of emotions
  • the ability to empathize
  • critical thinking

And, although there are so many other things that I want, and will, teach Dakota, I know that patience will one day help her become a smart, successful, and strong-willed young woman! The video that I posted made me realize that Dakota has started to understand the concept of patience, as well as persistence. The video gives a glimpse at the many things she takes on and, is seemingly, insistent upon mastering. She amazes me everyday with her knowldege and understanding of new concepts. Yes, I know...this is probably something that is common and widespread among all 1 yr olds, but I am still very proud!!

With that said, here is another accomplishment that I am so very proud of...


Nichole said...

I am very proud of her too! You have an amazing little girl :)
I don't know (or have ever met) any 1 year olds as patient as Dakota is! You have one smart cookie.