Saturday, June 27, 2009

Photo Booth Fun....

I have yet to start a post on our day in LA and Santa Monica, but I thought I would post these because I've decided to make a yearly tradition out of it with my little peanut. I took this first set in a photo booth at the OC Fair last July. I don't think Dakota had any idea what was going

I took these at the Santa Monica Pier. Dakota was lovin' it, as you can tell from her cheeky grins. She kept pointing at herself in the reflection, shouting, "Me, Me!!" I'm obviously being a complete dork. You know Kevin's so proud. Haha!


Nichole said...

That is an awsome idea! My dad did that with Carly for about the first 5-6 years of her life... then visits were just far and few between. Now he has them framed by his bedside.
Good luck with keeping up the tradition!

The Bradshaw's said...

what an awesome idea and what memories she's going to have growing up. Seriously?! Can you be my momma? :D