Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dress up...

A very special, and dear friend of ours bought Dakota a super cute Hula outfit while vacationing in Hawaii. She confessed that she didn't expect Dakota to "dig" it, but thought it would be a fun thing to buy it for her anyway. Well, the girl DIGS it!

The other night, I ripped open the packaging and on went the grass skirt, bikini top, and seashell necklace. I thought for sure she would either hate it and rip it off, or be mesmerized by it all and just stand there for an hour. Well, she was in fact mesmerized, but that only lasted a few seconds. Before I knew it, she was twirling around like a silly little goose.

Dakota knows where her booty is now, which is actually pretty darn cute if I do say so myself. She thinks it's hilarious when you ask her where it is, and will even use both hands to smack those cute cheeks. Another video, for another day. I do, however, have this cute video of her showing our cat her finest Hula Dancing moves. As you can see, she loves the word booty...

The next day, as I was putting her Hula outfit into the dress-up bin, Dakota thought she would pull out her rain jacket (not sure why I put that in there) and a tutu. She raised both hands with both items, said "ere," then sat in my lap so I could dress her. So on went the outfit. A little bizzare, but she loved it. I think this girl's gonna love playing dress up!


The Bradshaw's said...

awww I love her smile! She's growing into be a beautiful little girl! What fun - dress up! Our version of 'dress up' --> naked. You know boys love being naked outside LOL