Monday, July 13, 2009

Montana...Day 10

....aka, our travel day. SNIFF!!!

Unfortunately, it was time to say goodbye. We woke up to an amazing breakfast that Grandma whipped up for us. Yummy raspberry pancakes, with a side of bacon and eggs. What a treat!

It was SO hard to say goodbye, and tears were shed as we exchanged hugs. It's always hard to say goodbye after such a wonderful visit with the ones you love, but it's even harder when you have to leave such a beautiful place. One day, we hope to live there!! We just wish we could sooner than later.

Anyway, we drove through town one last time as we made our 3 hour drive back to the airport. We made sure to give ourselves plenty of time to make a stop in Sandpoint again. We had such an enjoyable visit earlier in the week, that we wanted to have lunch at Spuds again, and do a little more shopping. As we walked through town, we found this cute fire hydrant that Dakota loved!!

I loved these flowers that they had hanging throughout the town!!

Cute little turtle...

Reluctantly, we made it to the airport. We found out that our flight was delayed by 45 minutes, which put us at risk of missing our connector flight in Seattle. Luckily, they had two seats available for an earlier flight. Glad we got there early!!

Just like the flight there, Dakota was the best little traveler. She even got super excited during take-off. We're convinced that she actually knew she was in an airplane, as she kept squealing everytime she looked out the window and saw that we were getting higher and higher. I would post a video, but is being difficult...AGAIN!!!

Must read the safety guidelines!!

About to take a snooze...

Dakota never once made an attempt to get down from our laps. I was shocked, because that was one thing I thought we would have to battle. This time, the magna doodle kept her busy. She eventually zonked out 1/2 way through the flight, and didn't even flinch when we touched down. Her little eyes didn't open once as we made our way through the airport and baggage claim. She woke up to us putting her in her own comfy crib, at which point she cracked a smile. It was so sweet. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful, healthy, and happy child.

One of Dakota's unfortunate souvenirs from our trip. She's our tough little girl!!

These pictures really don't show how banged up and scraped her knees actually got.

What a wonderful trip we had in Montana!! Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for your hospitality. Fourth of July was an absolute blast, the day trips were SO much fun, the dinners were incredibly yummy, and the love you gave all three of us was incredible!! Your home is always so warm and inviting, which always makes our visits there so enjoyable. THANK YOU!! We love and miss you already!


The Bradshaw's said...

sounds like Dakota is a great travel companion! I'm so proud of her!