Sunday, July 5, 2009

Montana...Day 2

I still can't get over how BEAUTIFUL it is up here...

Today started off with a nice walk around the neighborhood. What a huge difference from our neighborhood. Trading cars and smog for trees and fresh air is such a wonderful change!!

We even got to see mommy's favorite Llama. Oh yes, I love Llamas more than anything else. Why, I have no idea. lol. Dakota seemed to love the shaggy looking camal, especially after Grandma called it a "big doggy."

After our walk, we got ready for the day and ventured out back so Dakota could run around with Grandpa. I really wish we had a backyard the size of Grandma and Grandpas!! Dakota ran around so much that if we would have affixed a blade to her feet, 90% of the lawn would have been cut. I still can't get over how beautiful it is up here.

The next set of pictures are some of my favorite. I love the background and her cute little sundress. I don't normally put Dakota in dresses, since we're usually always doing something active. Not to mention, Dakota has this thing where she loves lifting up her dress. So ladylike!! I knew she would be wearing plenty of dresses up here though, since we always just relax and enjoy the awesome weather.

Daddy eventually made his way outside and took Dakota down to the dock. It wasn't quite time to go swimming, but it's fun to go out there and look at all the fishies. We even got to see a little turtle.

I love father-daughter pictures...

I could just sit on their dock and enjoy the view for hours!!

Later that morning we took a drive into town to load up on some fireworks. For those of you who don't know, fireworks are illegal where we live. And, we're just talking smoke bombs, flowers, picalo petes, and sparklers. I refrained from asking them if they had any of those, since they'd probably look at me cross-eyed. Fireworks are the REAL deal up here!!

Once back home, Grandpa and Daddy set up Dakota's kiddie pool so she could enjoy a little swimming without having to put on her lifejacket. There is NO way we would let Dakota in the lake without a vest on, so we thought the pool would be a good idea. I think she would agree...

We could barely get her out of the pool the whole time we were down there. But, I knew just the trick....BLACKBERRIES!! Yes, another one of the many things the girl is obsessed with! Thanks to the other Grandpa introducing them to her.

After our little snack, we decided to take Dakota out into the lake. She had so much fun, despite having to wear the lifejacket, or what Grandpa calls the "pink cork." Haha. It was definitely hard holding her while treading water, which is where the water noodles came in handy!!

Later that evening we hung out on the top deck and watched Dakota push her dolly stroller around, while Grandma Kathy was so sweet to BBQ some yummy salmon!! Dakota made sure to stop and smell some of Grandma's pretty flowers...

Enjoying some ICE CREAM!!!

Dakota lovin' her some daddy time!!

I love my girl!!


lesleismommy said...

Gosh, I love your pictures!!! Glad to see you are having a great time!

Lisa Renz Leeb said...

Llamas like in Napoleon Dynamite,lol! AWESOME!!

I still can't get over the views! Growing up in a flat place like Philly, I can't seem to get over all the mountains, and lakes, and GREEN!