Sunday, July 26, 2009


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I have to admit, I'm a bit obsessed with my hobby. I put together four books, yes four books, for Dakota's first year. I really never expected to do that many pages, but as the photos added up, I found more and more reasons to scrap a page. I'm sure some might think some of the pages are silly or pointless, but I know one person that will probably never think so.

It was a lot of fun putting these pages together. For those of you that wonder where I found the time, it was usually when Dakota was either napping or down for the night. To cut down on time, I found my own groove/method of putting the pages and books together, which also helped to keep the clutter down. Instead of breaking out ALL of my scrapbooking supplies and completely taking over the whole downstairs, I found breaking my craft down into two steps was the best way to keep things neat and tidy. I just like staying organized I guess. Anyway, I found that putting together the page layouts first made it possible to produce pages a lot faster. After I made my layouts for about ten different pages, it was time to move onto the next step, which for me was adding embellishments, stickers, and titles. Obviously, the second step creates the most clutter, but at least I didn't have scraps of paper, a gazillion photos, and my cutters adding to the mix.

Anyway, here are all of pages for Dakota's first year. Unfortunately, I'm not completely finished. I'm about 95% done and really only need to add titles and embellishments to a handful of pages. YAY!! I got a little lazy after I finished all the layouts. I guess you could say I was a bit burned out. By the way, sorry about the glare on some of the pages. I was too lazy to take them out of their sleeves. Oh well....

Book #1

Book #2

Book #3

Book #4

For those of you wondering if I'll be doing this for every year...NO WAY!! Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed doing her first year. It was important to me to do all those pages because there are so many "firsts" during a baby's first year. But as for subsequent years, I've decided to do it a different way and put together scrapbooks by subject (i.e vacations, holidays, birthdays, etc).


Leslei's Mommy said...

You are just amazing!!! I have only gotta to pregnancy on Leslei's book. How sad am I! I love all the pages. You are truly SUPERMOM!!!!

The Bradshaw's said...

great work Heather!!!

Summer said...

I cannot even believe you managed to do all this and the pages are BEAUTIFUL!! What a great mom you are. I have managed to mostly fill in their baby books, although Andrew Apparently has no teeth! Ha! So.. do you have a cricut machine? I've got one, and I always have 8000 ideas about what to do with it, but never enough time to get all the way through with the doing of it. I think your idea of keeping a scrapbook by holiday is fantastic. I Just might steal it!