Monday, August 17, 2009

Las Vegas...Day 1


Well, technically day one was the day we arrived, but I didn't take any pictures that day. We did however go swimming shortly after we arrived, which was about 5 o'clock. It was still in the 100s, so swimming was definitely enjoyable! Dakota was happy to see Grandpa and was in his arms the moment she was freed from her carseat. Once again, she was the best traveler. I didn't even hook up the DVD player, since she watched all of 15 minutes of it the last time we went out there. She was happy playing with her magna doodle and singing to mommy's tunes. I love that she enjoys road trips so much, especially considering she is rear-facing. Although, I wouldn't face her forward even if she was a cranky traveler. Not worth it to me!

The next day we were in the pool three times. Yes, THREE TIMES!! We went once in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Dakota was showing signs of getting sick, but it really didn't slow her down. She just seemed a little cranky, but I figured it was because "da-deeee" wasn't around and she wasn't home. Although, she did remember Grandpa's house from a few months ago and had no problems finding her way around.

Anyway, Dakota has picked up a few more tricks in the pool. She can hold her breath for a pretty long time, and never chokes on water. Even when she jumps in the pool, she comes up happy as a lark and wants to do it again. She also puts her face in the water when we're holding her, and only lifts her head up when she needs air. She's learned to use her inflatable pool ring to maneuver around the pool. I can't tell you how wonderful this is!! Our swims are no longer exhausting as we try to hold onto a kid that continuously pushes herself away from us in attempt to swim. She never once fell through it (even though we were ALWAYS close by and never took our eyes off of her). She even found a way to lean back and just relax for several minutes.

Ok, enough of the blah, blah are some pictures of us during our morning swim...

We've got ourselves a cliff diver! Acapulco, here we come!!

Puttin' around the pool in her ring!
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Our little diva chillin' poolside!
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After our swim, we headed to Costco to get dinner and a few other things. When we returned, we had lunch then just kinda hung out around the house. Shortly thereafter, Dakota went down for a nap, which she was in MUCH need of. Sleeping beauty eventually awoke after a good two hour snooze, then it was back out to the pool. After putting her suit back on, she knew exactly where to go and bee-lined it for the door...

Bed head at it's finest!!!
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Grandpa & Dakota enjoying each other's company!!
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After our swim we played around outside and watched the birds and airplanes in the sky, as well as boats cruise by. We eventually headed inside and sat down to carnitas tacos for dinner!! YUM! While we made dinner, Dakota decided to play with Grandpa's Chinese Checkers that he was so nice to let her play with. Surprisingly, all pieces were accounted for!

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After dinner, we went back outside for one last dip in the pool. Yep, we're crazy!! Dakota loved it. Although, it was a bit chillier than our first two swims. Is it ridiculous that we thought 95 degrees was chilly? LOL


And after our little late evening swim, we headed inside for a bath and some dessert. Dakota found this huge mirror to be SO fascinating! She gave herself high fives, kisses and even a little attitude.

Our daughter is so vain!! LOL
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And what better way to end a great day than to have Grandpa read to you!
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The Bradshaw's said...

ahh looks like a great time!! You need to move and get a backyard momma!! That girl needs her OWN pool :-)
I'm glad Dakota's a great traveler -- sounds like we've both been blessed in that department. As long Austin can see outside (he's still rear-facing too) then he's happy as a clam.