Monday, September 7, 2009


Yep, we experienced catastrophic failure with our hard drive the other day! All those horror stories you hear about hard drives failing, well, it actually happened to us. And to the same external hard drive I bought less than one year ago specifically for Dakota's pictures and videos! Luckily, I had backed up all but the last two months of her pictures. The crazy thing is that the last 4 months were still accessible on the external hard drive, so I was able to copy and transfer those pictures onto a disc. Phew!! Can you say LUCKY?!?! I would have been devastated if everything was lost. I don't think anyone can put a price tag on pictures. So this post is just serves as a friendly reminder to back up those important files.

I guess I can't say it would have been completely devastating, since my brother (a computer genius) knows how to extract files from failed hard drives. Unfortunately, the exact same thing happened to him a few months ago and they lost 2 years worth of pictures, videos, music, etc. So, he went out and bought a program/hardware to save all the files that most would consider a complete loss. I've heard about places that provide this service, which could cost a person thousands of dollars! Obviously these businesses realize that you can't put a price tag on pictures, and can get away with charging people that kinda money. Afterall, what are your child's birth pictures worth to you? So, thank goodness I have a brother that can perform this easy, although VERY time-consuming, task for me if needed!

A friend of mine actually made a great suggestion, and that is to have your files stored at someone else's house, especially in case of a fire. So I mentioned that to my dad, and he totally agreed! Soooo, I'll be moving those CDs over to his house in the next month or so. So thank you Niki!!! = )


Nichole said...

LOL! You are so funny :)
One other place that we have them "stored" is on-line through kodak... plus we have copies of many pictures on myspace, blogger and facebook... so even though they are not *all* in one place at one time, they are *all* out there...somewhere :) Oh yeah, photobucket and youtube and too. :)