Monday, September 14, 2009



I know, some of you might think the studio portraits are a little cheesy, but this is only the second time we've taken her to do them. You see, after I realized I could take really cute pictures (maybe not professional quality) with a black sheet or in our big black leather chair, I found no need to fork out that kinda money!! I did, however, want to get professional portaits done last Christmas so I could send them out as Xmas Cards. It was totally worth it because they came out so gosh darn cute! Anyway, here are the portaits we had taken last Sunday. She was a little sick, which turned into a BIG sick, but she held up pretty well.

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And for those of you wondering about her outfit:

Polo Shirt: Target $3.50 (Clearance Rack)
Skirt: Walmart $4.00
Leggings: Target: $6.99
Shoes: Target: $9.99 (but got another pair for 1/2 off)
Diapers: Costco: Because it saves $$$ and they've proven to hold up better than Pampers!

I love shopping for my daughter, but I also LOVE saving money. I'm always on the hunt to find great deals, whether it's for clothing, furniture, toilettries, or food. So, I'm going to do a post on saving money after this, just to give some tips and ideas on how to be a smart shopper and find great deals!! Don't get me wrong, I still have a lot to learn on saving money, but it's always nice share ideas. =)


The Bradshaw's said...

You need to end your price spent with something like:

Amazing Pictures of my baby: Priceless!! LOL