Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Carnival...


This post should have actully been posted before the Halloween post, but I got a little mixed up and so now it comes after.

The day before Halloween, the La Habra Children's Museum was hosting a Halloween carnival and called all kids to come attend with their costumes for some fun. This was actually the day after we returned from our trip, so I was a little tired. However, I was determined to make it. We actually got in from the airport at about 11pm the night before, so I was lacking some serious sleep. Oh well, it was something I was looking forward to do with Dakota and was hoping that it would sorta get back me back to reality. Kevin was just a little too tired to make it, so it was just me and the squirt.

When we arrived, Dakota ran straight for the carousel, just like she always does. So, I had to re-direct her to the arts and crafts room where all the REAL fun was taking place. Our first crafting activity was making a spider out of an Oreo, M&Ms and pretzels. Dakota tried her best to stick those pretzels into the Oreo, but for some reason they kept making a detour to her mouth, LOL. So, mommy had to finish the project. Of course, those M&Ms just couldn't stay glued onto that Oreo and had to be eaten by the hungry giraffe...

Photobucket Photobucket

The next activity was putting a bat hat together. I let Dakota apply the glue, which I have to say she did a great job with...for about 2 seconds. Then she attempted to glue the whole table. As I took the gluestick away from her and turned my head for one second to put it back in it's bin, Dakota proceeded to peel one of the bat's eyeballs off and eat it. My guess is that she thought it was an M&M. DOH!

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So, that was the end of the activity tables for awhile. I steered Dakota towards the game booths, which she really liked...a little too much! She started off great and did what she was suppose to do, but when it was the end of her turn, she ran to the back of the display and picked up all the sand bags to start over again. Um ya, talk about a nice little meltdown that ensued after I pried those things out of her hand. UGH!!

Photobucket PhotobucketPhotobucket

Suddently, those activity tables were sounding a lot more appealing!! Although, I now knew I had to watch her like a hawk, especiallly with the foam embellishments at the spooky house craft table. She did great, and didn't try consuming anything this time! YES!

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These next couple of pictures were purely for Mommy's enjoyment, since it was a picture perfect opportunity to snap a few shots. Surprisingly, Dakota smiled for the very first picture. And that was the end of that!!

Photobucket Photobucket

It was finally time to head outside to participate in the Halloween parade. I'll be honest with you, I thought this was going to be a complete disaster. I thought for sure Dakota would have her own agenda and want nothing to do with walking in the parade, especially since no parents walked with their kids. I just didn't think she would grasp the whole concept of follow-the-leader, if you will, and would just stand there staring off into space. I mean, geez, I still do that. Why would she be any different? Ha! Anyway, she did great and followed right along with the others. I was so proud!


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Dakota had a lot of fun at the Halloween carnival, and I'm so glad I conjured up the energy to get ourselves dressed and go!! It was also a great way to see how Dakota would do in her costume. Thankfully, she didn't mind having it on. As long as there wasn't a lei hanging from her neck, she was fine!

Dakota's bat hat, scrunching down her ears...hehe!
She went a little nuts with the glue, which is why the wings are glued down...


Nichole said...

How fun is that?!!! Looks like, despite the jetlag, you two had a great time. Love the bat eyeballs- such an easy mistake to make!!!

The Kuhns said...

HAHA she is so funny, eating the eyeball. Looks like you 2 had lots of fun!