Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!


Ok, this was by far the best halloween ever!!! I don't remember much from my trick-or-treating days as a kid, but I really don't think anything tops this one. I can't tell you how much fun it was to take Dakota door-to-door and witness the excitement, joy, happiness, wonder, and just pure pleasure in that kid's face! It's like she had been doing the whole trick-or-treating thing for years. There was no practice or rehearsing that when into this holiday, other than telling her to say "trick-or-treat" the day before. Ok, I'll admit, "treat-treat" is not how you technically say it, but it sounded just like it coming from her little Tinkerbell voice.

Anyway, we hit the streets around 6:00pm. And yes, it was still light out, but we didn't start the harrassing at that time. We just figured we would let her run around in her costume and pumpkin so I could take some cute pictures. Because let's face it, pictures when it's dark just don't come out as good.


She was in such a good mood and so happy...
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This is the face I got to see all night.
So many emotions projected on that little face of hers!

She's ready to start knocking...
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Darkness finally filled the sky, so we gave Dakota the green light to start the candy harrassing madness. She ran up to every single door yelling out "knock-knock" the whole way up the the walkway. I think she was more excited that she got to knock on someone's door than she was about what was acutally waiting for her behind every door. Obviously. We all know that she doesn't really know what's going on, and just goes along with whatever we tell her to do. I love this age for this very reason though. lol.

Anyway, whenever someone opened their door, she would either let out a "Hiiii,"or a "WHOA" if the door startled her a bit. LOL. It was hilarious. I swear I was entertained the whole night by what she said and did. As the people started to grab a handful of candy, or a bag of pretzels (rolling my we made sure Dakota said what she needed to say, which she did about 95% of the time. The other 5% of the time, Dakota was usually distracted by something...someone's pet dog or cat, spooky halloween decorations, or a bug. Yes a bug. She's a nut when it comes to bugs. More on that later though. After she received the goods, she said thank you, which now sounds like "a-you." She's getting lazy with her manners. She was really good about saying goodbye to every person though. The video below is so cute and shows exactly what I just described.

We spent almost two hours trick-or-treating. I honestly didn't think Dakota would last that long, but she was like the energizer bunny and just kept going and going and going. Although, as we walked along the sidewalk, she would get distracted with all the candy in her pumpkin. She would stop right in her tracks as she rummaged through her bucket. We finally had to dump the candy out every few houses, otherwise she would just dig through it all. Plus, if it got to heavy, she couldn't carry it. At one point, she dragged the pumpkin up to a house. That's when we knew it was time to dump it out, as well as call it a night after a few more houses. By the way, I have a tip for all you people looking to get lots of extra candy on halloween. Dump out the candy every couple of houses like we did. I think people felt sorry for Dakota when they saw nothing in her pumpking because they started dumping handfuls of candy into her bucket. LOL. It was hysterical.

As for Dakota's favorite candy, she absolutely loves lollipops!!! Sometimes people would let her pick out a piece of candy and every time she would go for the suckers. We never give her candy so anything that wasn't a lollipop probably looked weird and foreign to her. She definitely knows what a sucker is though. She'll occasionally get one at the doctor's office or if someone gives one to her, but we're not big on letting her have too many of them. I know, mean mommy!! It was neat to see Dakota go for something that she liked though.

"Hey daddy, can you help me locate a lollipop?!"
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Dakota's trick-or-treating video...

I have to say, Dakota has been enjoying her lollipops!! She also loves to share them. She'll run up to me and Daddy to give us a lick or two. She even thought she would share with the cat. Now before you feel bad for the cat, just realize he's a VERY furry cat and he didn't even know this happened to him. I just remember seeing Dakota run up to me as she yelled, "ewwww, ucky!" I see all the fur on her lollipop and look over at the cat to find him still curled up in a ball, sleeping. So my guess is that she went over to give him a lick and brushed the lollipop up against his fur. The only tragedy was having to throw the super gross lollipop away. Oh, but we have SOOOO many more!!



Nichole said...

OMG she is my favorite giraffe in the WHOLE world! I love, love, love the video :) So sweet <3

The Bradshaw's said...

Love the video and the big picture of her with that expression on her face -- PRICELESS

The Kuhns said...

She is adorable! Her costume totally fits her, love the video!