Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dakota Fanning...


Yep, this is the girl we named Dakota after. Kevin and I have always loved this young actress and thought it would be a perfect name for a girl! We went back and forth with boys names, but always knew if we had a girl, it would be Dakota. Thankfully, she is not your typical Hollywood twit...yet. LOL. Something tells me she probably never will be, since she comes off as a pretty grounded kid. I suppose only time will tell. If and when that does happen, I'll just have to change my story to having a fondness towards North Dakota, hence the nickname Baby North. ;)

Anyway, there is no real point to this post. I just thought I would share how we came to name Dakota. I also thought it was cool that she stars in the New Moon movie, which we'll definitely have to see on one of our date nights!


If any of you have a story behind your little one's name, I would LOVE to hear it. Actually, my niece Clarissa who is now 17, was named after the show Clarissa Explains it All.


The Bradshaw's said...

LOL Love the post! :-)

Scott and I have ALWAYS loved the name Austin and I am embarrassed to say we can't figure out when/where we thought of it. Somewhere back n our early dating years when you talk about "one day kids' names" and that was one we agreed on. LOL Kind of sad really. . .

The Bradshaw's said...

oh by the way I <3 Dakota Keyworth & Dakota Fanning too!

Nichole said...

I have always wondered that about Baby North! LOL
Carly Nichole was picked out by daddy. I wanted to name her Jaelle Annise-but he wouldn't go for it. I am glad now!
Abigail was named because we liked how it flowed with her middle name- 'Elizabeth'. Elizabeth is both of our grandmothers name, on both of our fathers side.
Isabella Renee was named because of the spanish influence. I wanted just Isabelle, but again, he didn't go for it! Renee is the middle name of Tom's sister that passed away hours after birth.
:) You could say that their middle names are all family influenced!