Saturday, December 12, 2009

Gingerbread Party...


Oh my goodness, I can't tell you how much fun we had at Dakota's playdate Gingerbread party!! My friend Kathy came up with the idea and was sweet enough to host the sugar event at her house. She built the gingerbread houses (aka gram cracker squares) prior to our arrival. I have to say, she did a great job. Kevin and I tried to do the Gingerbread house thing several years ago and FAILED. Miserably, might I add. So I wasn't too optimistic, but thought it would be fun nonetheless. It's always fun when Dakota gets to meet up with her buds. Unfortunately, her girlfriend Natalie wasn't able to attend, so she was the only girl. But that's okay, I love that she loves to run with the boys. Reminds me of a certain someone. lol.

Anyway, Dakota was thrilled to see her buddies Brayden, Kylan, Sean and Enzo. They were running wild through the house. Dakota had soooo much fun riding on Kylan's super cool Thomas the Train ride-on toy. That girl would not stop choo-chooing around. It was so cute. And, I was happy to see her share the fun with her friends when I told her to give someone else a turn. I thought for sure she would throw a fit, but she didn't. She is so good about sharing!!


After the kids played together for awhile, we brought them all into the living room to start the Gingerbread decorating madness. Of course, the kids were more interested in eating the candy rather than decorating. I guess that was a big, DUH! I think we all knew that would be the case, so us mom's had a blast doing it for them. Kylan did end up decorating his own house, after taking a bite out of every single piece of candy of course. It was hysterical to watch, and I really wish I would have taken a picture of his masterpiece!

Photobucket Photobucket

After about 30 minutes of decorating and candy consumption, we decided to clean everything up before our kids went into sugar comas. Our kids were on a pure sugar high and totally amped, so we let them run around the house for a good hour or so. I swear they ran up and down the stairs 20+ times. I was exhausted just watching them, but I'm glad Dakota expended most of her energy before we headed home. Oh, and the funniest part of the playdate was when Drew (Brayden's mom) came downstairs to tell us she caught Dakota and Kylan in bed together. Doing what crazy toddlers do best of course...jumping on the bed like silly little monkeys. hehe ;)

The finished product (aka, mommy's gingerbread house)...
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lesleismommy said...

Love this idea! I might have to steal it for next year! What a beautiful job decorating your house Dakota (I mean, Mommy)!!!

Nichole said...

Wow...that sounds so much fun! What a great idea :)