Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Here kitty-kitty.... what you'll hear Dakota screeching at the top of her lungs every single time this cat walks into the room.

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You'd think the novelty of having a cat would have worn off by now. I mean, sheesh, we've had him for almost 9 months. But no, it's like Christmas morning every day at our house. You gotta love her enthusiasm! And I certainly love the fact that this cat puts up with all of her love, or what I consider abuse. Dakota has never once pulled his hair, pinched his skin, or pulled his tail, but the girl is literally leeched to his side anytime they're in the same room together. And yet, he takes it. I know that he knows he can run upstairs and seek refuge in our bedroom, but he doesn't. He some how is able to put up with this....


I have to say, I was very leary of this cat at first. I mean, I knew nothing about him, he looked like a train wreck, and I had a kid that had no self-control over her emotions and lacked some serious restraint when it came to showing affection. All turned out well though. He has never clawed or attempted to bite her, and if she goes too far with her "love," he just leaves the room. Surprisingly, Dakota has learned to control her excitement and affection, and gently pets and hugs him now. She can get a little carried away from time to time, but we quickly remind her, and she's back to her gentle ways. We also find her using him as a pillow ALL the time, but he doesn't seem to mind too much. We definitely show him lots of love and affection after we put the love monster to bed though. I am amazed and so fortunate to have found such a great cat! And actually, he found us!!

This is seriously Dakota's very bestfriend. And from what I've seen, I think Dakota is his bestfriend too. Sometimes I'll find him sitting by her when she's in time-out, or laying by her closed bedroom door when she's crying. It's like he knows when she's upset and wants to be near her as a way to comfort her. It is the sweetest thing I have ever seen and it melts my heart to watch them together.

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And no, we have never named him. Kitty just seemed to stick and it's what Dakota has always called him. So Kitty it is! Oh, and Kitty doesn't meow either. Why? I have no idea. I've read that some cats just don't meow, but it still strikes me as a little odd. What's funny is that Dakota does know that kitties say meow, but the poor girl has never heard her kitty say it. LOL


Nichole said...

How adorable- Dakota is one lucky little girl. Kitty, Disneyland, trips, bathingsuit and shoes... I could go on for days!
You must really love her! LOL :)

The Bradshaw's said...

Kitty and Dakota were meant for each other!! Fate I tell you! It was meant to be he wound up on your doorstep and you to have the heart to feed him. I esp love the pic of her "hugging" him <3 <3 <3

Oh and I have always used Abby (my dog) and my other dogs in the past as pillows. Scott even sometimes uses Abby as a body pillow at night LOL!!

Heather said...

NIKI, you crack me up (bathing suits and You're never gonna let me live that down are you?! Hehe

Tanya, that is so sweet about Abby. What a great doggy!! It's nice to have such loyal, lovable pets. I'm a little shocked that she lets Scott lay on her though. lol. =)