Thursday, December 31, 2009



What a wonderful Christmas we had this year!! Dakota still didn't have much clue as to what was going on, but I don't think you'll hear her complaining about all the presents that magically appeared Christmas

I had a pretty awesome Christmas myself. My two favorite presents were these...

Flip video!!
I absolutely LOOOOOOOOVE this thing
flip video camcorder Pictures, Images and Photos

I still can't justify an iPhone, so this
was the next best thing. LOL
Seth1 Pictures, Images and Photos

I'd say Dakota had a pretty gosh darn good Christmas too. Like I mentioned before, I'm pretty sure Dakota would agree that any day that gives out free presents is A-Okay in her book. HA! You'll get a pretty good idea what she got when you look through all the pictures, but here's what Santa brought her...
  • Two Zhu Zhu pets
  • An ATV Quad, which she loved on Christmas, but now seems to hate.
  • Cars
  • A super cool dollhouse, fully furnished
  • A racetrack for her cars
  • More Cars
  • Some bouncy balls
  • A train racetrack
  • Playdoh
  • Vacuum
  • A barrel of monkeys, because EVERY child should have them. hehe
  • Tinkerbell from Gigi
  • More cars (you'll see what I mean when I post our Vegas trip)
  • A kids' laptop, since she's obsessed with pounding on ours
  • Hexbugs, because the girl is still obsessed with bugs. lol
And, a very special book that I remember reading as a kid. It was, and still is, my favorite childhood book, which I actually still have. However, the thing is ridiculously worn out and the binding is coming undone, so I bought her her own copy. I HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone with kids!!

Rainbow Goblins Pictures, Images and Photos

Anyway, here's how our Christmas day went. We woke up around 7am and opened presents. Dakota bee-lined it for the dollhouse and could really careless about anything going on around her. At some point, she decided to peel herself away from the house to open the rest of her presents. I really didn't think she would be into opening her own presents, but she did. She didn't tear into them like a typical toddler does, but rather opened them very carefully as to not rip the wrapping paper. LOL. I think she gets this from my brother. Weirdo!

Soooo happy that it's Christmas!!

Finding goodies in her stocking...
Photobucket Photobucket

She LOOOOVES her dollhouse!
Photobucket Photobucket

Enjoying some M&Ms that was part of mommies present.
Betcha didn't know Kev has a creative side to him too. He buried my iTouch in that swamp of M&Ms.

Lovin' her Quad. Too bad she's not a fan of it at the moment.
Photobucket Photobucket

Around 10am, Gigi (Grandma Keyworth) and Granny made their appearance. Dakota was so stoked to see them, and Kevin and I were stoked she brought Cinnabon. YUM! They only stayed for about an hour or so, since my mother-in-law had Christmas dinner to make, which we were lucky enough to enjoy later that day!

Opening one of her presents from Grandma...

The cat wondering where his presents are...

Several people have asked me what we got Dakota for Christmas, and I quickly replied with, "A whole lotta cars," before going into much else. A few of those people were kind of shocked and then asked if I got her any girl toys. Which of course we did, because I do believe every little girl should have a dollhouse. However, even if I didn't, I don't think it's all that shocking to give my daughter what she loves most for Christmas or her birthday. If she likes cars, choo-choos, balls, dinosaurs and bugs, then that's what we're gonna get her. I'm not big on gender specific toys because I think it really limits a childs' imagination, and frankly, you're not doing you child any favors. Plus, at this age, do they really know the difference between boy toys and girl toys? Probably not. I'm all about introducing all sorts of toys to Dakota, which is one of the reasons why we got her a bunch of "boy" toys (cars, balls, dinosaurs) in addition to a dollhouse. But, you know what she does with her dollhouse? She stores her balls and cars in there. LMAO!

Anyways, after we picked up the house a little bit, we got ready and headed down to Newport Beach so we could spend the day with Gigi, Granny, Uncle Matt and Dakota's two cousins. We had a great afternoon over there, and the dinner that my mother-in-law prepared us was just perfect. She did a wonderful job! Dakota of course loved spending time with Granny and her two cousins!

Having a blast with Granny...Photobucket

Doing something silly...

She saw Granny blow it up, so she wanted to try too...
Photobucket Photobucket

She loves her olives...
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Oh wait, another "girl" toy!! lol


The Kuhns said...

I love the pictures, I also love how you dont care about getting her "boy" toys, Chris and I have been saying the same thing with ours but since there is 1 of each they share everything. They both got a huge dinosaur for Christmas from my sister and Hailey likes it more then Nathan does, she also loves all the cars but of course is a huge fan of her babies. We got Hailey the same tinkerbell for Christmas when we were in NYC at the Disney Store lol Dakota is so precious and looks like she had a great Christmas. Reminds me I need to finish our Christmas blog, I started it but havent had time to finish =*(

The Bradshaw's said...

Yea for the Vaccum Picture! I swear that is the best gift my Aunt bought. He uses that thing LOL!! It's his obession - and - it helps me vaccum without having a child come want to ride mine ::)

I've never heard of that book, so I must to the library and check it out - thanks!

Oh and the comment about gender specific toys - whatever. Austin likes dolls and he lets my neice put pretend makeup on him LOL

Why does she hate her ATV? Austin likes his but I'm leary of putting him on without a helmet. . . can't find toddler sized anywhere in Dallas area :rant:

The Bradshaw's said...

Oh and By the way <3 your house! Where did you get the "family" stand. I love that

Heather said...

You two are so sweet!! Heather, it's gotta be great to have a boy and a girl so close in age so they can share everything. I think that's so cute that Hailey loves her dinosaur.
Tanya, thanks for complimenting my house. I got that "family" stand at TJ Maxx. Do you have one of those out where you are? It's like a Ross or Marshalls.
And, I don't really know why Dakota hates her quad at the moment. It's really weird. As for the helmet, check Target. Her helmet is sized for 3+ yrs, but she fits it fine. Try Wal-Mart too!
By the way, I think that is SO STINKIN cute that Austin lets Trista put make-up on him. OMG, that is so sweet! But yay for letting them do what they wanna do!!!! =D
Oh, and I decided to get Dakota that vacuum thanks to you. I saw how much Austin loved it, so I wanted to get her one too

lesleismommy said...

The pictures are great!!! I love the hair. I agree about the gender specific thing. Dakota is just so beautiful. She is getting so big and the wrapping paper thing it's not weird...I do that too..LOL! Again, the pictures are beautiful!!

Nichole said...

Once again, she stills my heart!
I love, love, love the wild morning hair!!!

Kevin, Jamie, Natalie, and Caleb said...

I know what you mean about the toys thing. Caleb plays with dolls and Natalie plays with cars too. i don't see what the big deal is. We want our boys to grow up and be good father's right and our daughters to know they can do anything boys can do. Good for you guys! xoxo

Summer said...

OH I have to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Rainbow Goblins, I can still remember when my brother brought it home the the UK. Our binding got all worn out too, and for Andrew's birth my sister got us a newer copy. When my brother had his first kids (twin boys) I got him a copy of that and Heckedy Peg (Audrey Wood). Love the picks, and am slighly jealous of your flip video.. I'm thinkin you guys must shop at Costco since both the touch and the flip were featured there. Merry Christmas, and happy new year!!

Heather said...

Summer, we do!! Costco is AMAZING!!! We would be lost without that place. They have so many wonderful things there, and I'm mostly talking about their own line, Kirkland. I absolutely LOVE their Kirkland diapers. To be honest with you, I like them a lot better than Pampers, or any other brand. They hold up so well, and they are so cheap!! Not sure where my mother-in-law got the Flip video, but I'm pretty sure Kev got the iTouch there.
How neat that you've heard of the Rainbow Goblins too. And even more neat that you love it so much. Even if one isn't fond of the storyline, the pictures and images are just awesome.
Hope you had a very Merry Christmas and an even wonderful New Year!! =)