Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring is in the air....

...and we couldn't be any more HAPPY!!!


Unfortunately, we'll get a day or two of warm temperatures and then get hit by a nasty storm. Once again, we'll take what we can get. I just wish Mother Nature would make up her mind and at least give us a 4 or 5 day stretch of sunshine. Not sucker punch us with a horrendous rainstorm after giving us one measly day of beautiful blue skies and temps in the mid-70s!! @#&$%!!!!

Dakota has definitely been lovin' the warm weather. We've spent the past few weeks living it up at the local parks, as well as the backyard! We've just been cooped up way too long, and us Californians don't fair too well when we can't get outside after about 2 days. So, when the weather's nice, we hightail it outdoors!

The best part of all, we've discovered that Dakota loves soccer. If you give her a ball, she'll kick it to the moon and back. It's not just a kick here, and a kick there; she'll kick and kick and kick AND KICK!! It's like she actually knows how to dribble. I'm only impressed with this because this is the same kid that pretty much refused to kick a ball last summer. So, it was a lot of fun watching her run all over the field as she aggressively attacked the ball. I really want a swimmer in the family, but I'll be happy with any sport. This mom loves wearing baseball caps and screaming at the top of her lungs at games! =)

She was all over the field with the ball!
Not sure why she wanted to kick the bigger ball...
Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket

She's been going down the twisty slide since she was about 18 months old
I can't tell you how much she loves them...
Photobucket Photobucket

The other weekend, Dakota and daddy had so much fun hanging out with each other in the garage. Once again, it was a beautiful day!!! Kevin found the bubbles that Dakota got for her birthday, and those two had a total blast blowing bubbles and making a mess all over the driveway and mommy's car. Gee thanks guys! Then, while daddy wasn't looking, Dakota got ahold of the bubble solution and dumped it all over her head. Good job dad! Needless to say, bubble time was O-V-E-R!! She was super bummed that she couldn't make any more bubbles, but daddy quickly distracted her with a ride on her tricycle, as well as a game of tag. It was so fun to watch them together!!

I think she looks JUST LIKE Kevin here....

Daddy is SO cool!! LOL
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Enjoying a game of tag...
Photobucket Photobucket

Just being a ham...
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Gosh, I LOVE this weather!!!


LesleisMommy said...

Those are so great pics and it sounds like you guys have had a wonderful couple of days. She is so lucky to have you as her momma!!

The Bradshaw's said...

Sounds like a beautiful day! We're finally getting a few here in Texas!!! :-) I still can't get over how tall she looks in the pictures. You say she's the same height as Austin but he looks like a baby compared to Dakota LOL

I'm so proud of her. I was a soccer girl since I was 5. Maybe in 3 years she'll be playing on a team :-)