Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hoppy Easter!!!

Dakota was so excited to find the two baskets that the Easter bunny left her.

And although her furry friend didn't leave her any candy, she was ecstatic to find an Elmo backpack, plastic woofle balls (a Gymboree favorite), a book and lots of stickers!
After breakfast, we headed off to Granny's house. Dakota was in such a good mood and was clapping and blowing kisses in her carseat the whole way. Once there, Dakota got to hunt for some Easter eggs that Grandma Keyworth said was left by the Easter bunny:

Dakota's Uncle Matt and cousin, Madeline, came by too. The girls had a fun time playing with each other, and Dakota gave her favorite cousin a few hugs when she was feeling sad. They were so cute together!

I'm pretty sure they were conspiring and formulating some sort of evil plan:

Let the conspiring commence:

After our visit, we headed off to my brother's house to celebrate Easter with his family. Of course, Dakota was excited to see her furry cousin, Roxy, who gave her a couple of licks and wags of the tail to the face. I think it left Dakota a little confused. LOL. We made our way out to their backyard and within minutes Dakota found the koi pond. Luckily, it was a little difficult for her to dive in, so she didn't put much effort into taking the plunge. She did, however, love watching the giant goldfish swim around. She would reach into the water and try to grab them.

Easter was a great day, and I know Dakota loved seeing her uncles and cousins!! It was nice for Kevin and I to see our families too. We're now home and enjoying some relaxation now that Dakota is down for the count. Kevin is currently watching Boston Legal, which is his new addiction. He just bought seasons 1-4 off of Craigslist yesterday. He's completely obsessed with the TV series, which is actually putting it mildly. If I had a penny for every time he said "Denny Crane," I would be a very rich, but still very irritated, woman! Oh well, I know he thinks that I'm totally obsessed with the internet and this blog.
Here are a few last pictures, and videos, I would like to share. They're just too cute not to include:

Miss Smiley:

One of my
favorite pictures of me and Dakota:

Dakota harrassing the fishies: