Friday, April 10, 2009

Meeting the Easter bunny...

After a very short 1 1/2 hour wait (haha), Dakota finally met the Easter bunny. Yea, I procrastinated a little, but in the end it was completely and totally worth every minute. Of course, I wasn't thinking that during the last ten minutes of our wait. It was during those last minutes that Dakota started to lose her mind. Luckily at that point we were close to a fountain, which I thought would interest her. It did for about a split second until she decided that she wanted in the fountain. Of course, what was I thinking? Finally, we got close enough to peek around the corner so I could let her see the big, bountiful bunny. I wanted her to see him before I just plopped her down on his lap and watch a baby meltdown unfold in front of me. To my surprise, she started screaming, clapping, and pointing at him in excitement. I was still a little worried that she would freak out once on his lap. Well, she did end up freaking out, but it was out of pure "freaking" excitement. I couldn't stop laughing. They let me take a few photos of my own, which came out pretty good. Clicking on the photos themselves should make them enlarge:

She kept putting her hands up because she was so excited:

A bit more contained, lol:

After our visit with the Easter bunny, I decided to take Dakota to visit her great-grandfather so she could put some Easter decorations on his grave. Daddy even got off of work a little early so he could visit with his grandpa too. It was a special moment!!