Tuesday, May 12, 2009

15 month Wellcheck...

Feeling great after her wellcheck, even with the owwie on her leg

Dakota's wellcheck went better than expected. I'm excited beyond words. Here are her stats:
  • Weight: 20 lbs 2 oz.....10th percentile
  • Length: 31 inches........65th percentile
  • Head: 18.5 inches........77th percentile
I think most of you know that the last few appointments didn't go so well. I was scolded by the doctors for a number of things, but mainly for Dakota's eating habits and lack of weight gain. We did have some problems getting Dakota to eat food, but it wasn't because she was picky. The kid just wasn't interested in consuming more food than was necessary. And tell me, how do you force feed a kid? Of course, I always fretted over it because the doctors made me think there was something wrong. Luckily, I got reassurance from family and friends that she looked and seemed healthy. I also found comfort in my own baby book, which revealed I was a tiny baby as well. Aside from our birth weights, we are almost exactly the same weight and length at every age. My mom was so good about documenting everything, and I am SO very thankful.

Anyway, the new doctor was surprised that her chart had been flagged as "underweight." He told me that unless there are considerable fluctuations in weight from one appointment to the next, it doesn't matter if a kid is at 80% or at 10%. THANK YOU!!!!! It was so nice to hear these words. I was never looking for a doctor to put on a pair of rose colored glasses and pretend everything was fine and dandy. I just wanted someone to realize that there is more to weight than eating habits. How about genes and/or metabolism?! And to think, in an industry where doctors stress the importance of healthy eating habits to help combat childhood obesity and diabetes, they're disturbed over my skinny little girl?! Ok, I'll get off my soapbox now. I've said my peace and I feel good!!! Yay for the new doctor!

After our appointment, we drove over to a small airport that's near our house, which also backs up to railroad tracks. Dakota was ecstatic to watch Cessna planes fly overhead as they were getting ready to land, freight trains and Amtrak rumble through, as well as big ole tractor trailers and UPS trucks drive by. Dakota has never seen an airplane so close before, so she was an awe as she watched them fly over her head. Of course, she has seen trains and trucks before so she just waved to them as she yelled out, "bye-bye, bye-bye." Here are some videos...

Truck, Plane & Train

Waving at the airplane


The Bradshaw's said...

Sounds like one HEALTHY happy lil girl! You and Kevin are doing a great job!!!

Nichole said...

That is great! I love how she watches the metrolink and waves bye!
As for her weight... thumbs down to last dr. Good for you for changing dr.s :)
Isabella is little too. 22lbs today. Dakota is just little like mama!