Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Healthy Habits...

Our guide/bible to eating healthy...

After years of packing on the weight, we decided enough was enough. It was time to try something out there that would help us lose weight, but in a healthy way! My dad had suggested this book about a year ago, since he knew I was looking to lose weight after having Dakota. He had lost 35 lbs on this diet and has kept it off for two years now. So it works! I thought about it, but I just wasn't ready or serious enough to stick to a strick diet at that point. Kevin wasn't ready either, and this was something I really wanted to do together. It's easier to stick to something like this when you have someone going through it with you.

Well, about a month ago, we looked at each other (after looking in the and decided we were DEFINITELY ready! So, off we went to the grocery store, and loaded the cart up with veggies, sweet potatos, kidney beans, lentils (not our fave), brown rice, and 4 oz slabs of fish and chicken. Mmmmm, yummy, right?? lol

It took some getting use to; the first few days were rough! One night, we just sat there at the dinner table after eating our 1 cup of brown rice and 2 servings of veggies, wondering how we were going to tame the grumbling tummies. To our surprise, after about 4 days we were content with the portions, as well as what was on the menu! And this is coming from a guy that could put down an entire large pizza by himself, not to mention the tubs of ranch he'd dip it in.

I do confess that I didn't stick to the diet as strictly as Kevin did. I followed the "maintenance" program, which is all about portion control and eating the right foods.

Kevin, on the other hand, needed and wanted to follow the diet exactly as it was laid out in the book. It claims that if you follow the 3 week diet, you should be able to lose 12 lbs. Well, can you believe that kevin lost 23 lbs in those 3 weeks? He's a fat-burning machine!! I'm so proud of him. I can't believe how skinny he looks.

Anyway, I'll stop with all the preaching. I'm just so excited over the results and thought it was worth mentioning if there was anyone out there looking to lose a few pounds following a diet that has given others so much success. Again, this diet is all about portion control and healthy eating habits. But, it's also about keeping it off, and he shows you how to do that by teaching you to make smart choices about how you eat and what you eat. It works!!!!

Oh, and one more thing! You do have to exercise, but we found that walking at a fast pace burned almost as many calories as running. We usually walk 3-4 miles a night, and 5 miles on the weekends. The proof that walking yields results is in Kevin's weight loss!!