Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summertime fun in Santa Monica...

We decided to pack up the car and head for Santa Monica on Saturday. We had a great time, as the weather was beautiful and Dakota was lovin' the whole pier atmosphere. What's not to like when you have about thirty of those coin-operated rides to chose from...and that's a conservative estimate. Here were Dakota's faves...

1) Race car driver

2) Pilot

3) Train Engineer

4) Ummm, Safari Tour Guide, maybe?

After we spent all of our quarters, and successfully peeled Dakota away from the machines, we walked around the pier for a bit. We took some pictures and found ourselves by all the carnival games. Dakota was just the right size to play skee ball, so we decided to give it a whirl. I think we did pretty good, with a score of like 90. Haha!!

After showing daddy our mad skee ball skills, it was off to the carousel. Unfortunately, there will be no pictures to show of, since daddy's mad photography skills failed to deliver. So sad, I know! That's okay though, I got a few fun photos of Dakota "trying" to feast upon some cotton candy. I say "try" because she really couldn't get her mouth around the thing. But boy, she wanted to!! I pulled a few bites off, but I'm pretty sure she thought I was trying to feed her cotton balls because she wasn't havin' it! Oh well. She doesn't need the sugar. It was really for mommy anyways...hehe.

After all that fun, we headed back to 3rd Street to check out the street performers and do a little shopping. She seemed fascinated by all that was going on, and loved the music!

What a fun day!!


lesleismommy said...

I am loving your site!! Always so exciting to see what you are up to. And I agree...what happened to our babies?:(
You all seem to always be up to something...I'm jealous! Love you!!

The Bradshaw's said...

You have the coolest places to visit. Uber jealous! Great photo shots too!!!