Monday, July 6, 2009

Montana...Day 4

Well today didn't start off too well. Dakota woke up not feeling very good. We knew something was up when she went back down for a snooze around 10am and slept for 3 hours. When she woke up, we took her temperature and found it to be 102 degrees. Some how I forgot to pack the Tylenol, so off me and Grandma went to the store. When we returned, I gave Dakota the grape flavored medicine and she just laid on daddy and grandpa while they watched cartoons (the second best thing to medicine!!). Within an hour or so the fever had broke and she was up and playing with her toys. We're thinking she has a few more teeth coming in, since she seems to have her fingers in her mouth a lot more and keeps grabbing those chipmunk cheeks of hers.

We took it easy for the rest of the day, but decided to try some good ole Mexican food in town. It was very yummy. Grandpa suggested the Halibut tacos, which were just awesome!! Who knew Mexican food would be SO good in Montana?! Dakota enjoyed some rice and beans, but didn't seem to be in the mood to eat too much.

Once we returned home, we decided to walk around Grandma and Grandpa's property. She loves the hill he has in the backyard and paced up and down it quite a bit. You would never know from these pictures that she wasn't feeling 100%.