Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Montana...Day 6

Today's adventure was a trip to Sandpoint, Idaho. It's a quaint little town, with cute store front boutiques and other unique little shops. It's also home to Lake Pend Oreille, which is just beautiful. Do you see a theme in our trip. Everything is beautiful to me. But that's also because I come from a place that is mostly asphalt and concrete. I know, there's much more to Southern California than just that, but I really do appreciate the beauty up here.

Anyway, when we got into town, we stopped into Spuds restaurant and ordered some sandwiches. They were to die for!! I gotta chicken ceasar sandwich with sun-dried tomatoes and daddy got a turkey club with avocado. Both were equally yummy. Dakota has been on a food strike these last few days, which we chalk up to the teething and possibly her having a small bug. Poor baby! I wish she would eat because she's lookin' so skinny. She ate relatively well the first few days we were here, so I'm sure her appetite will return soon. Anyway, she had a few bites of grandma's shrimp salad, but that's pretty much all she had.

After lunch, we walked around town and checked out some of the shops. Momma loaded up on huckleberry EVERYTHING!!! I went a little nuts, but you just can't find this kinda stuff at home. I bought huckleberry muffin mix, huckleberry chocolate bar, huckleberry taffy, and on and on. I also bought Dakota a stuffed moose because she has fallen in love with the animal. Grandpa and Grandma have a bunch of cute figurines and pictures of moose throughout the house and she's always pointing at them. And that's one of her new words now. She has picked up moose, tickle, and wow. So funny.

We then took a walk around the lake harbor and took some great photos. It was just so picturesque!! Dakota was more interested in the sucker I bought her at a candy shop and of course the billions of birds flying above. We had to yell "cookie" and "doggy" just for her to look at the camera for a nano-second.

It was eventually time for our cruise aboard the Shawnonese. It was about a 2 hour tour and Dakota had a blast the first hour. She loved all the sights which included lots of birds, boats, a few trains and a bunch of airplanes. I said the first hour because it seemed like Dakota got a bit sea sick about midway through. She kept gagging and crying(sorry, TMI), but she eventually got better.

Not feeling too well!

Mommy and Grandma were feeling pretty good after our Margaritas.

All in all, it was a great little cruise. Towards the end, Dakota got to go up to the front and steer the boat for a few. She even got a certificate for her awesome navigation skills. LOL

We then headed home and had some hot dogs for dinner. Dakota was more interested in eating blackberries. I swear, that's the only thing that kid will eat these days. She's gonna be purple by the end of summer. ARGH! I guess it's better than her just wanting to eat junk. I just wish there was a bit more variety in her diet lately. I know, it's just a phase. After dinner, it was time for some family wrestling. Dakota, Grandpa and Grandma had a wrestling match right there in the living room. As you can tell from the pictures, Dakota is the title winner!!! Hehe.


Nichole said...

"But that's also because I come from a place that is mostly asphalt and concrete." LMAO!!!

Did you find Huckleberry Finn, too? LOL! Love the trip...I feel like I am on a mini vaca with you all!