Saturday, August 22, 2009

100 things...

I thought I would come up with a list of 100 things that make me happy. I came across a list that someone else had done, and thought it was a pretty neat idea. Surprisingly, it wasn't all that hard to come up with a hundred things! I tried to be conservative with all the things Dakota and Kevin do to make me happy, since we all know I could dedicate an entire list just to them, but I just couldn't help myself. Afterall, they make up about 99.9% of my happiness. Ok, so here I go.....

  1. My daddy
  2. Traveling
  3. Taking pictures
  4. Sushi
  5. Cookies
  6. Date nights with Kevin
  7. Trying a new recipe
  8. Freight Trains
  9. Accomplishing a goal
  10. Doing things for people and expecting nothing in return
  11. Exposing my daughter to unique and unusual things, and simply showing her the world
  12. Scrapbooking and looking back through them with others
  13. Going through old family pictures
  14. Watching Dakota play
  15. Autumn/Fall weather
  16. Wind Chimes
  17. Road Trips
  18. Montana
  19. The smell of pumpkin spice
  20. America's Funniest Home Videos
  21. Watching videos of Dakota when she was younger (one of my faves...)
  22. Spending time with family and friends
  23. Talking to my dad everyday
  24. Llamas
  25. BBQs
  26. 4th of July
  27. Picking out pumpkins
  28. Going to Disneyland ONCE a year to keep it a "special" place
  29. Cuddling with my family in bed on a Sunday morning
  30. Standing by the runway and watching planes land
  31. Going for walks with my family
  32. Listening to good ole Rock N Roll
  33. Chocolate
  34. Flannel sheets
    Star flannel sheets red 1 Pictures, Images and Photos
  35. Building things with Legos with Dakota
  36. Sitting in our rocking chairs on the front porch
  37. Laughing so hard that my tummy and cheeks hurt
  38. Seeing Dakota's smile and excitement when I get her up in the morning
  39. Watching a good Comedy
  40. The cool side of a pillow
  41. Thunder & Lightening
  42. Scaring the crap outta Kevin...hehe
  43. The feeling I get after a good run
  44. Reading my friends' blogs
  45. Solving a hard sudoku puzzle
  46. Helping others
  47. My mom's cooking
  48. Writing in my blog
  49. Staying organized
  50. Weeping Willow trees
  51. Shaved Ice
    Shaved Ice Pictures, Images and Photos
  52. Blowing bubbles for Dakota to chase
  53. Staying positive and avoiding drama
  54. Being the better person when dealing with difficult people
  55. Inside jokes
  56. My accomplishments
  57. Listening to Dakota sing to my music in the car
  58. Watching Dakota in a pool and witnessing her natural ability to swim
  59. Family & friends' success and good fortune
  60. Flip-flops year round
  61. Hardwork paying off
  62. Giving unexpected gifts
  63. Sleeping in
  64. Camping & Campfires
  65. Visiting childhood memories
  66. Laughlin
  67. The OC Fair
  68. Being 30 yrs old
  69. Having a wonderful family support system
  70. Paying bills, oddly gratifying
  71. Dakota's hugs and kisses
  72. These blue eyes
  73. Farmers Markets
  74. Trips to Vegas to visit my dad
  75. The smell of a freshly bathed baby
  76. Dakota's delight and seeing her goosebumps when lightly tickled
  77. Dragon Flies
  78. Our UPS man
  79. Reading a positive or uplifting email
  80. Finding money in my pocket
  81. Cadburry Cream Eggs
  82. Watching Dakota play make-believe or pretend
  83. Late night chats with Kevin
  84. Making memories
  85. Being able to give someone a solid piece of advice if asked
  86. Listening to Dakota jabber a story to me
  87. Watching Dakota try something new and succeeding
  88. Going to the park with Dakota on a warm day
  89. Holding hands with Kevin, and Dakota too!
  90. Making people smile and laugh
  91. Jigsaw puzzles
  92. My Blankie
  93. In N Out
  94. Reconnecting with old friends
  95. Genuine smiles from genuine people
  96. Sitting down to a meal at the dinner table with my family
  97. Taking Dakota trick-or-treating
  98. Big Bear
  99. A clean house
  100. Everything about my life!!!

And there you have it. Just fifteen minutes to type this list. And, two hours to find all the pictures...LOL. I was just a tad bored, but hey, it made me "happy!"


Nichole said...

That is a great idea! Mmm, In-N-Out :) Funny how we have so many things in common that we like :)

The Bradshaw's said...

<3 it all! Must do that on mine as well. Thanks for the suggestion!