Monday, August 17, 2009

Las Vegas...Day 3


Today was our last full day in Vegas. Like I mentioned before, Dakota had a pretty rotten day yesterday, so I wasn't expecting much on this day. Surprisingly, Dakota was back to her old, cheerful self! Despite lots of green boogies and some congestion, she was running around and hootin' and hollerin' like she always does. The whole leached-to-my-hip thing was getting old quick!

So anyway, we had breakfast then decided to take a trip to the strip. We took a drive over to the Venetian and walked around for awhile. Dakota was fascinated with the canals and the gondolas. She got lots of waves and a few serenades, which made her giggle. Of course we couldn't pass up the gelato stand. Dakota was one happy camper...

Grandpa & Dakota in St Marks Square

She LOVED watching the gondolas cruise by at the Venetian!
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I wish we could have seen them, but figured a picture would be neat!

So after our little Vegas Strip adventure, we came back to the house and had lunch. And then guess what we did? LOL. Well actually, we went outside and walked around for a bit. Dakota picked up one of Grandpa's unwanted books, and carried it all around outside like she was gonna find a comfy spot to sit down and read. Silly girl! We also took a walk out to the dock so she could watch a few boats pass by, as well as look at the fishies...

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On Grandpa's Dock
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It gotta little hot standing out there in the sun, so we headed back to the pool. Dakota was in such better spirits and feeling so much better that she really got to enjoy swimming!! We even spent a total of 2 straight hours just playing in the water, which was filled with her lunging off the step into the water (her fave), splashing like crazy and giving the whole deck a bath, cruising around the pool in her floaty, and jumping in the water from the deck, side, and rocks...

My brave little girl!!
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We're total cheeseballs!
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Splash war! Sadly, Dakota won...
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Picking up her torpedos from the ledge
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She was adamant about jumping into the water from the deck. No fear!

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

A few of my favorites of just me and my girl!
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She loved diving from this side too!
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

For some reason, I just like this shot...

Later that evening, we had salmon and corn on the cob for dinner. Dakota's favorite. A little later we headed outside and had a little frozen treat. I don't know what is up with Dakota and these faces everytime she eats a popsicle or push-up. Goofy kid!

The next morning it was time to pack our bags and say goodbye before driving back home. I always wish I could stay a little later, and just leave sometime in the afternoon, but Sunday traffic back to LA is horrendous! So, as I packed our suitcases, Dakota chilled with Grandpa in his big ole bed while watching tv. I came back to them enjoying each other's company and Grandpa proudly exclaimed they had a little pillow fight. Although, it was my dad delivering all the blows. Apparently, Dakota loved it and had a giggle fit. My dad is so silly!

Thank you dad for such an awesome time. We had a blast and can't wait to come visit you again soon

A video of Dakota jumping into Grandpa's pool for the bazillionth time...

Some more pictures from our visit...


Leslei's Mommy said...

Beautiful!! I'm jealous...I wanna be there. Dakota is such a pool crazed kid, huh? I love all the pics! Looks like you all had a great time! Thank you for sharing.

Heather said...

Thanks Christina!! You are so sweet. I think we both have pool crazed kids. Looks like Leslei enjoys the pool just as much as Dakota. I think they might be racing in lanes 4 and 5 at the 2024Olympics...hehe!

Heather said...
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