Saturday, October 17, 2009

Rain, rain...

....stay and play!!!


We got ourselves a little wet weather this past week. I don't think anybody predicted that after experiencing 100 degree weather just a week prior. And once again, the temperatures are back in the 90's. Crazy weather I tell ya!

Anyway, Dakota totally dug the rain. I threw her raincoat and rain boots over her flannel PJs the other day, and out we went to stomp in some puddles. It was amazing to see Dakota run right over to a puddle and just start stomping away. Is that just something that all people (young and old) know to do without any kind of instruction, because Dakota didn't skip a beat. It's like she just knew that puddles = stomping. It was great to watch, and I suspect she'll be enjoying A LOT of wet weather this winter!


And yes, I realize, there isn't a whole lot of water on the ground, but it had poured over night and there were plenty of puddles Dakota had fun jumping in. However, it mostly just drizzled the rest of the day.

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Stomping away...


The Bradshaw's said...

Such a Fashionista!! Wish they have fashionable cute things in boys. Moms to girls = lucky in their variety offered ;)