Thursday, October 8, 2009


Photobucket has been sooooo long since I have updated this darn thing. OOPS!!! And I was doing so good too. Well, between crazy work life, my computer getting "sick," our Wii, Disneyland, and our nightly walks, there hasn't been time for much else. And yes, you heard me right about Disneyland. More on that later!!

I'm going to try my best to update this blog with our most recent adventures within the next few days, so stay tuned!!

As for new things, there's nothing too exciting to report, but Dakota has certainly learned a lot more new things....

  1. She loves the potty and sits on it every chance she gets. However, she has only gone pee-pee a handful of times. That's okay though, we're not pushing the potty training yet. We're letting her explore it all on her own, which has gone remarkably well!! And thank you Niki for the tips. I have yet to thank you for that, and I apologize!!

  2. She knows where her eyes, nose, ears, mouth, teeth, tongue, chin, cheeks, head, shoulders, hands, elbow, knee, feet, toes, butt/booty, and belly button are. And she'll point yours out too, while saying them to you.

  3. Her vocabulary has taken on a whole new dimension, which is why I took down her "expanding vocabulary." She has moved onto 2-3 word sentences and multiple syllable words.

  4. Her favorite words are butterfly, turtle, knock-knock, yellow, and clock.

  5. We are learning colors and her favorite is yellow! She'll point out yellow things every chance she can get.

  6. We are also working on manners. Dakota always says excuse me (which sounds more like "sue me") when she needs to get by you, and is quick with a thank you when you give her something. We're still working on please, but she usually loses focus when she wants something RIGHT NOW!! So far, sorry is a no go. She pretends like she can't pronounce the word, but I know better! haha

  7. Covers her mouth when she coughs. Thank goodness!

  8. The girl is obsessed with clocks and points those out ALL the time. She actually thought a rotary telephone was a clock and started screaming it over and over again!

  9. The binky intervention is going great! She no longer needs a binky during the day, and will hand it to you before you pick her up out of the crib. I wanted to completely ween her off of it by now, but I thought I would wait until after Hawaii, since it helps while on the airplane and the changing altitude!!

  10. Loves "If you're happy and you know it..." song and follows along with whatever you tell her to do (clap your hands, touch your nose, stomp your feet, etc.)

  11. She can eat with a fork AND spoon now! Yay!

  12. Still loves to share toys, especially with her friends Katie and Brayden.

  13. Can count to five with mommy, when she's "in the mood."

  14. LOVES staring up at the stars and moon.

  15. Says "cheese" when I break out the camera.

  16. Her favorite toys are cars and balls. I bought her a My Little Pony and she thought it would be fun to drive around like a car.

  17. Has become a super cling on to mommy, which is quite exhausting since she's on a grandma and daddy strike at the moment.
So, that's all the new news. Exciting stuff, huh? Anyway, stay tuned for more posts soon! Thanks for reading! =)


The Bradshaw's said...

Wow she's doing phenomenal!!! WTG Dakota (and momma/Dada)

Dakota needs to teach Austin - alot!

Nichole said...

Is it super cute when she says 'yellow'? Isabella says it and she more or less makes noises while rolling her tongue. Hum, maybe I should video it!

Emily said...

I love your Blog. I am so bad that I don't keep one, I think it is because I feel like I am bad at getting my words out the way I want to.

Anyway I can't wait to read more about her and your trip to Disney and Hawaii!