Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Card

I'm going to begin this post with an apology, because unfortunately I had a major brain fart when ordering Christmas cards this year. I didn't order enough of our main Christmas card to send to everyone, and by the time I realized my mistake it was too late to order more. Ooops!! Luckily, I ordered plenty of the "Santa Letter" card to send to everyone, so I hope no one is offended that they didn't get both. I love how both turned out, even if I did have to slap an extra 17-cent stamp on the envelope because the cardstock was too heavy. Another thing to keep in mind next year. lol




The Bradshaw's said...

Wow I should be SO honored that we rec'd both this year! The Santa card although is my absolute fav!! You are so creative it blows me away! :-)

Please forgive me. . . we didn't mail out our cards this year. Didn't even get to finish them :'( Doesn't mean we don't love you or that we don't wish you and your whole family a Blessed Merry Christmas!!

The Bradshaw Bunch

The Kuhns said...

I feel special too =) Your cards are the center of all of them on my wall lol I will have to post a picture. What site did you make your main card on?