Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Crafts...


Dakota and I had so much fun making Christmas crafts this year. Dakota loves having her hands painted and making handprints on paper, which is actually quite odd considering she's not fond of having anything on them. I mean, the girl pitches a fit when a piece of lint or speck of sand affixes itself to her skin. What about finger foods do you ask? Let's just put it this way, I now know why she learned how to use a fork at such a young age; it was to avoid touching food at all costs. There was a method to her madness. You'll rarely ever see Dakota using her hands to eat. Instead, you'll find her eating PB&J, chicken nuggets, grapes, cheese and all other sorts of finger foods with a fork. It's really quite bizarre, but that's my OCD little girl. LOL. Anyway, it's always so much fun to do these fun crafts with Dakota, and now I know she loves doing them too since she's willing to let me put paint all over her hands =)

Santa's 9 reindeer....


The Bradshaw's said...

Okay I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the staircase craft. Very cute.