Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Under the weather...


I can't tell you how miserable this past weekend was for the three of us. Yep, we ALL came down with a stomach virus. It all started Friday night, when out of the blue Dakota started throwing up. And every 30 minutes I might add. I don't think she fell asleep until midnight, and she still woke up twice after that to empty out whatever still remained in her little tummy. Poor thing. She stayed in bed with us, since I was worried a fever might make an appearance. It never did, but she still woke up Saturday morning sick as a dog.

She couldn't keep anything down, and I started to really worry. Why? Because I had no clue what to do. Surprisingly, Dakota has never been this sick. She has only ever had the common cold, and has never had a temperature over 101.4 degrees. So, I put in a call to the nurse advice line and they advised me (along with several of my mommy friends) to give her a couple teaspoons of water every 2o minutes. So, that's what we did, and she kept it down!! Later that day, I gave Dakota a pedialyte popsicle thinking she would have no problem keeping that down. Nope! Thirty minutes later, it was all over her PJs....UGH! So I added that pair of pajamas to the huge, soiled pile of sleepwear, sheets, blankets, and other clothes. There was not much else we could do, but just cuddle, rock and lightly tickle/caress our poor sick little girl. All she wanted was to sleep on our chest or snuggle under the blankets, so we catered to anything and everything she wanted that day. Here are some pictures of our poor little sicky, sleeping and cuddling in various spots and positions throughout the day...

Cuddling with mommy...
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Cuddling with daddy & enjoying a popsicle 30 minutes before it came back up =(
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My poor, sick little girl...
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Sleeping it off...
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Resting in her crib...

That night, she slept pretty good. She spent the first 1/2 of the night in our bed, but started to thrash around at about 4 o'clock, so I tucked her into her own bed. She slept in til about 9am, which I thought was great. She reaaaaally needed the rest. However, at about that time, Kevin started to feel quite sick, and I wasn't feeling too hot myself. A few hours later, we were glued to the toilet. Without going into much detail, our Sunday was completely and utterly miserable!!! Thankfully, Dakota was feeling much better, but still lacked a lot of energy. I guess that was good because Kevin and I were in no shape to do much for her. She was such a good little girl and just hung out with us in the living room as we moaned and groaned through our misery. I wish I would've taken a picture, but it looked like a bomb went off downstairs. All of the pillows were completely off the couch, blankets were strewn all about, half empty 7up cans were scattered all over the coffee table, and don't get me started on the saltine crackers. Let's just put it this way, I'm still vacuuming up crumbs a week later.

Later that evening, Kevin started to feel a tad better. I, on the other hand, felt worse than ever. It was a pretty rough night for me, but by morning I was feeling much better. Kevin was able to go to work, so it was just Dakota and me. We spent the entire day in bed, watching cartoons, taking sips of gatorade and water, and cuddling. Despite the circumstances, it was a wonderful mother-daughter day. Here are some fun pictures I took of our lazy day in bed. Notice the smile on her face is back!!! Sadly, she is back down to 21.5 lbs. She lost an entire pound that weekend =(

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The Bradshaw's said...

OMG every time you post a new blog she keeps changing on me :'( :'( Tell her to stop growing up!!!

Secondly, the pictures of her cuddling with you and Kev as well as the sleeping pics are just so sad :( Just wanna make it all better :(

Glad you three are feeling a bit better now and hope it doesn't arrive back anytime soon

lesleismommy said...

Glad to see Dakota is feeling better. Just in time for the big visit from Santa. She is lookign more and more like you everytime you post new pictures.
Have you been able to find the pause button on time yet? Please share when you do...they just need to stop growing up!

Hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and safe and happy new year! May Santa bring you all your hearts desires!